Finish your damn book

So you want to write a self-published nonfiction book?

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you aren’t sure what to focus on and when with your book. Maybe self-publishing scares you because it seems like you’ve got an insurmountable task list…

We have one goal: to help you write and release your self-published book.

Because we’ve been exactly where you are, and come up with a great way to break everything down into simple, actionable and stress-free steps.

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“Almost everyone has thought about writing a book. Some even have a draft on their hard drive or in a notebook. Unfortunately, that’s where almost everyone stops. FYDB is a bold, generous push from Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook, two guys that have broken through that barrier, finished their books and shipped their art, over and over.”
Clay Hebert, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Crowdfunding Sherpa

But who the heck are we?!

Jason Zook & Paul JarvisWe’re Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook – writers of books. We’ve both spent years focused on self-publishing and writing, not as full-time jobs but on the side.

Paul Jarvis is a best selling author of 5 books (and more than 100,000 copies) and is routinely featured on Inc., Forbes, Fast Company, The Next Web, LifeHacker and more. He went from zero to bestseller in 2 years.

Jason Zook is the unconventional entrepreneur who created IWearYourShirt, a marketing company that generated over $1,000,000 and was featured on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN and more. He also sold his last name twice and recently wrote a book that was completely funded by 204 sponsors.

Our only goal with this course is to see you write and release your book.

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We break your self-published book writing down into 10, easy to follow lessons:

  • Define your intentions, topic & audience
    The easiest way to get from book idea to book launch is to start with why you want to write a book.
  • Become an idea machine & master framer
    Writing needs to be broken up into two very separate and very distinct practices: brainstorming, where no idea is a bad idea, and framing, where you edit/critique what’s already written.
  • First drafts & storytelling
    Do you know what all first drafts have in common, whether they’re from an unknown, unpublished author or from a best-selling, famous-as-all-get-out author?
  • Build your audience
    If you think you’ll worry about promotion once the book is launched, you’ll be way behind the game. So you need to start telling people about your book, what the premise is, and why they should be excited about it well before it’s even finished.
  • Iterations & editing
    Clarity and bravery happen in small iterations. Now’s the time to take that first draft and start making it into your masterpiece.
  • Pricing & tiered pricing
    There are so many models for pricing a book it can be dizzying. Really, it comes down to two factors: What do you feel comfortable charging? What does your audience feel comfortable paying?
  • Writing software & formatting
    The best tool for writing your book is the writing tool you’re most comfortable using. Especially when writing a draft, the software isn’t as important as the writing is.
  • Platform + distribution
    Go through each platform and set up your book well ahead of time to make sure you understand each step and test how it works, or just choose a distributor.
  • Crafting a sales page
    Your sales page should be 100% focused on your book. That means no massive sidebars with links to other parts of your site if you can help it, no blog post comments at the bottom, nothing but book information and purchasing buttons.
  • Launching
    Tell the world about your book! This is both exciting and scary. It’s also the most overwhelming part of the process, as there tends to be a lot to get done beyond just hitting the “publish” button.

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You’re down to do a lot of research, evaluating and incremental steps.
  • You’re ok to get ideas down that aren’t polished at first, and increment your greatness.
  • You aren’t afraid of experimenting, pushing boundaries and asking yourself hard questions about your writing.

This self-led is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t want to work, you just want to add “Bestselling author” to your bio.
  • You equate simple answers with easy answers.
  • You don’t care about what you write or your audience, you just want a vanity project.

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